Google China

on 1:13 AM

I don`t know if you are aware of this but the internet in China is censored (don`t know how but it just is). Recently Google opened and suprize - surprise:

Google - Google China

I find this upsetting on sooo many levels.

later edit:
I've researched a little and it seems that in the past china has blocked google completely and then allowed access again but blocked certain keywords, this was independent of google servers and was done by automatically disrupting the connection with google servers when a certain action was detected, at that time google was negotiating with Chinas officials, now it seems that google censors directly (maybe to make it easier for the Chinese servers that block the rest).
HUMAN RIGHTS people.....helllooo?!?!?! Anybody there?


Comment by Loup Dargent on 11:49 PM

I seem to remember having read that links were [I don't know if it's still the case] also banned. Bloggers were/are able to foil the censorship by cloaking them first [through].

Total freedom of expression doesn't really exist unfortunately... even in the western societies.

Talk soon.


Comment by Infinity on 1:34 AM

i guess it`s easy to block all blogspot by banning the servers ip completly.
I`ve seen the message you get in china when you try to acces an "undesired website" on CNN the other day, it seems Cisco "helped" them develop the system that blocks acess to certain sites and certain search queries for the whole country (directly at the backbones where the net eneres the counry - so i is HIGHLY controled)