Problem at Durham University

on 11:30 PM

You just have to see this, it`s the best memo ever, hehe. I have just received the picture by mail and I thought such a big problem like the one they have there in the UK at Durham University must be shared with the world, especially after the hi tech investigation going on there.
I'm still laughing.


Comment by Anonymous on 6:51 AM

It's a prank... I go to WSU and some people have sent them around here... got the letter body from online and printed the school stationary logo with it

Comment by Anonymous on 3:24 AM

Gotta HATE it when that happens!

Comment by Keith on 8:37 PM

This is like the mooning scene in Grease, when the principal threatened the school body with the intervention of the FBI.

Comment by Anonymous on 11:25 PM

I'm at Durham University, and I'm sad to say its a hoax. Had us fooled for a bit though.

Comment by Kerrie-Louise on 2:20 PM

That is so funny!

i believed it,
til i read the comments ..